Making a Difference

Can just one company make a difference?

You better believe it. Accelerate is committed to creating positive change in the city where we work, the areas in which we operate, and the world we call home. We believe sustainable, responsible, and profitable oil and gas operations can exist simultaneously – and we are dedicated to doing our part to make that happen.


wells for wells

Accelerate is committed to sustainability around the globe in the form of clean water for developing nations. We sponsor multiple water wells in countries all over the world to provide clean drinking water sources for those in need. We stand by the belief that everyone can make a difference.

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1,200 Combined Company Volunteer Hours
75 Boxes of Support and Relief Supplies Donated
5 Countries Across The Globe
20,440 Hours Saved Collecting Water
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our impact 

Doing our part to make the world a better place is essential to the Accelerate culture. Locally, we strive to give back with our time and resources by supporting Dallas-area organizations that bring positive change to our community. We aim to make worldwide impact by supporting organizations that serve others across the globe. We believe you cannot achieve true success without helping others along the way. 

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